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Tactical Foresight Consulting:

Discovering actionable intelligence for strategic decision makers

Examples and blog posts on my site: Tactical Foresight Consulting

I specialize in making “smart apps” for your business needs and data (or content) pipelines. Beyond programs that better utilize your current tech landscape, my expertise in data science gives insight into patterns, attributes and impact of key strategic goals. As a Data Scientist with my bachelors in Industrial Engineering and Master’s classes in statistical computing I know how mathematical and statistical models (of qualitative or quantitative data) can be routinely created, updated and implemented to detect potential changes in a system or to predict and optimize resources. Making the mass amount of data collected quickly useful, understandable and to the point. I delivery high quality and on-time service, with flexible payment options (by project, task, or time-period)

Notable projects:

  • Extracted subject, verb, object from semi-structured text to create network of activities for risk classification
  • Automatic unsupervised topic discovery and classification
  • Unsupervised Trend detection and classification
  • Fraud and Money-Laundering classification
  • Network/Graph substructure and feature extraction
  • Network/Graph anomaly detection on Hadoop system

The industries I have experience and/or focus on are:

-hospitality services
-Insurance/ Risk Management

The primary software I use for analytics and statistics are:


The primary software I use for storage and maintenance of data is:

-MS Axess
-Text Files and encrypted folders

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