MJG Story Creation LLC

M Jayson Graham is the owner of MJG Story Creation LLC, a company whose purpose is to encourage entrepreneurship within the artistic community. After graduating from Howard University, he spent six years in Los Angeles working with a number of independent production companies to develop television series pilots, show bibles and feature film scripts. It was during that time that he saw the increasing demand for transmedia storytelling and created a narrative world building system. When M Jayson came to Atlanta in 2012, he was hired as a web series writer for Upyri LLC. He was eventually asked to develop a history of the world of Upyri that would create a single, historical continuity for the company’s literary products. Today, this history allows the parent company, Omnibus LLC, to create a transmedia platform from which it has launched a number of products including a comic book series, escape room scenarios and a trading card game. Along with consulting on transmedia and product development, M Jayson travels throughout the year, as a guest panelist and presenting workshops on various aspects of storytelling at comic book, gaming, and writing conventions such as Momocon, Gencon, Dragoncon, and DreamHack, just to name a few.

You can find more information about M Jayson Graham and MJG Story Creation LLC at www.mjgstorycreation.com.

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